Red Cloud West (self​-​titled) remastered + bonus tracks

by Red Cloud West

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Car Wreck 04:27
Green Grocer 07:33
Sacks of potatoes in the cellar, meal strewn about the ground You tipped the scales at 165 pounds. Oh greengrocer, boy scout leader of the day. With knots of rope, both shiny and soaped, asleep beneath the sand and clay. I see you hanging from the gallows, Hewn from the best of woods. Pulleys, pine, weights and measures Above all the wartime goods. Do your best to weigh the produce. Your body is the counterweight. Now wash yourself in Baltic waters. Beat your breast and steam your breath.
With eyes so distant and hard that I feel out of place They're just empty stars in a vacuum of space. A blink is a wink and a smile is a crack. Across a visage of stone, pulleys clanking on bone The body wanders alone now while the mind stays behind. And it knocks out the teeth and it blackens the eyes, Rips through the pavement and lets loose a cry. We're dancing alone in a roomful of folks, Singing victory songs and cackling at jokes. And the world is a corpse upon which we feed, And if we are all stones, then tell me, How can we bleed? The body wanders alone now while the mind stays behind. And it knocks out the teeth and it blackens the eyes, Rips through the pavement and lets loose a cry. Die, die, die, die, die, die, die... The body is lean now. A well-oiled machine. And out on the streets is where we feed. We'll eat up the cake, Lord, that was given to us, And fly to the stars, and decay into rust.
Coonskin Cap 03:30
In a coonskin cap in a copse of trees, with the spider webs and the silvery leaves, you threw down your guns and you turned up your palms. You whistled a tune right between your teeth as the leaves fell in circles all around your feet soft and low. And the troubadours with their robin's breasts burn through the cities and stop to rest in roadside inns with their gabled roofs. They take to their rooms and they make their pillows wet. The air-raid marshals took their turns running in circles and flapping their arms and they put out the fire that burns in your heart. They made the blood run in stops and starts from your nose, soft and low. The carousel came and it took you away, the horses whine and the calliope neighs and you'll ride on the stage for the rest of your days
The bodies from the spacecraft lay scattered on the ground, Outside the city's white walls, with the children all around. And the lines the children fed you boy, were all limericks and lies. With the Occupants you just wandered 'round, while they scripted their goodbyes. The children you left laughing, with symbols on their shoes. With the Occupants you just wandered 'round, singing Tom Thumb's Blues. And silly bikes were ridden to a hidden house where light shone bright and defeated night and you turned your captors loose. The Occupants they rose up, unaid ed, to their craft. Shimmering in the noon sun, seven silent ones.
You work on the railroads and I slave in the house, tending our children all day. You sit on the porch with our dear baby boy, just rocking him soft on your knee. Love, it's not working. It won't work anymore. Go to the places you've never seen. I'll go to the places you've seen in your dreams. You lived in this house for the last 15 years, just to die in this sweaty old hole. You worked all your life for another man's gold and you're shaking to death now, it seems. Love, it's not working It won't work anymore. Now go to the places you've never seen. Go to the places you've seen in your dreams. I'Il be in the places you've seen in your dreams.
It's time to go back home, where all the old hurts roam. All the kicks and the hits and the pricks echoed off the school room walls. It's time to go back home, where all the school boys roam, turned into tiny gnomes by the passing of the years. All the apes and the elephants, giving birth to indigents, rocking cradles and saving cents, they're all still around. Standing at their gasoline pumps and pulling out all the stumps in yards where I go bump in the woolly night. I am a troubadour, steely eyed and wanting more, carving out a kingdom with the flat end of a spoon. I am two fiery eyes, that cut the country night. I am your cornfield crow. I am all that you despise.


Originally released 1/5/2005, now remastered with bonus album outtakes.


released October 12, 2020

Ross Etherton - guitar, vocals
Jason Heller - guitar
Jeremy Ziehe - bass
Andrew Warner - drums
Track 1-3, and 13 recorded by Kerry McDonald from 7/12/03 to 7/17/03 at the traveling Viva La Fuzz studio
Track 4, and 12 recorded by Trevor Morris on 12/13/03 at The Furnace Room
Track 5-10 recorded by Andrew Warner sometime between 6/05/04 to 6/25/04 at the Briny Deep.
original album design by Jonathan Till


all rights reserved



Red Cloud West Denver, Colorado

Red Cloud West formed in 2003 in Denver, Colorado

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